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Beginning the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle in Australia

The First Steps  

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With some of my first students  in North Avoca - NSW

As you may know by now, I was born and raised in Brazil.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been part of my life one way or another ever since I was born.

It is very true that it took me a long while to accept and would be more than natural to take BJJ as a profession.

It honestly took a long while, a full university degree in animal science, and MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment and a few years working in Real Estate.

Took all that plus moving and trying life to 3 different states in Brazil, lots of frustrations and failures on my venture in different businesses to finally understand that my fate was already written since I was born.

It was actually interesting, believe it or not, I had it all told me back in 1996.

At that time I was halfway towards my university degree, had already accumulated a lot of experience on the field.

It was one day when my mom went to speak to a "future teller". Amongst other things the lady told my mom: "Don't worry about your son, he will be successful living overseas, in a land very far away."

My mother then asked: "What will he be doing there?"

The lady then said: "He will be a Doctor."

My Mom: "Doctor?!!"    

As the Lady confirmed: "Yes, I can see him working dressed in a white uniform and with many people around him...."

I am not a doctor to tell you the truth. But I wear white for work every day. I only owned white uniforms.

Took me a while to put 2 + 2 together but yes, it was fate.

Next Time I will tell more about this very interesting journey. See you then!

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