• Your First Week is on us!

    During one week you train for free. No Costs involved. No Strings Attached. Guaranteed.

    You are one of us!

    Enjoy all the classes as a member.

    You will know for sure how the training methodology works and how the atmosphere really is.

    Respect and Camaraderie

    The Strength of the group is each individual member.

    The strength of each individual member is the group.

    We live by that.

    We practice that.

    We teach that.

    Experience it by yourself!


    Located at the Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre

    Confort and Convenience

    Undercover Carpark and Climatized Facilities are just a few of the great advantages of our Location.

    The Center hosts Woolworths, Bunnings, Goodlife Gym, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Massage, Health Store, Cafe, Clothing Stores, GP and is just across the road from great restaurants and Shops.

    Located between the River and Beach, the lifestyle is really amazing around here.